Thank you for being a part of the

6th Annual Strikes For Strays Event. 

Your generous donations and participation in this event will help LAP give veterinary and foster care to many animals in need until they find their permanent home.  

Maidie & Ailie
These beautiful puppies are one reason LAP needs your generous donations. ​These sweet babies should have been loved and pampered every day of their young life... instead, they were recently found in one of these TRASH CANS at Whiterock Lake!!! It's hard to believe anyone ​could throw out LIVE puppies like they were garbage, but they did and we are lucky someone heard them crying for help. They're safe, happy babies now and no longer anyone's garbage!

Please visit the Kroger website and sign up for the Community Rewards program and add League of Animal Protectors as the organization of your choice.

Spring & Summer are  known as “kitten season” because the warm weather acts as a catalyst for bringing intact female cats into heat, usually every 3 weeks. One female cat can squeeze out at least 2 litters during these months, many of whom will be euthanized because of lack of space in the shelters.

Please visit the Tom Thumb website and sign up for the Good Neighbor program and add League of Animal Protectors as the organization of your choice.

 'Fighting for North Texas Animals'

Thank you SPROUTS for your generous donation of 50 watermelons for the Melon Dash!



We have many volunteer opportunities.
Our most pressing need is

The foster home is the important bridge
to the pet's permanent home.
There are never enough fosters for all the

needy animals we want to help.

If you have space in your heart, home

and time to foster a cat, dog, kitten or puppy,

please contact LAP or fill out our

online foster application.

Here are some other ways to volunteer with
League of Animal Protectors

Helping at Events
Grant Writing
Transporting Animals to

Events or Vet Appts.
Transporting Food
Data Entry
and much more.
Please let us know how you'd like to help.

Thank You!!   

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League of    Animal Protectors


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How do I select a charitable organization to support when shopping on AmazonSmile?

On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you need to select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. Hint, hint....LEAGUE OF ANIMAL PROTECTORS. 

Amazon will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make at will result in a donation.

Thank you for your generous donations on North Texas Giving Day.

If you didn't get a chance to donate or you're able to do more, 

please click our Donate Button

How You Can Help

Spay and Neuter your cats, even if they never go outdoors.  As soon as a kitten is 2 months old and weighs 2 pounds, he or she can safely be altered.
⦁    Donate funds, supplies and time to your local rescue or animal shelter.
⦁    Volunteer to bottle-feed homeless kittens. Although it’s a lot of work, helping kittens through that critical period is very rewarding.
⦁    Volunteer to foster kittens until adopted. If possible, take an entire litter. Better yet, foster hard-to-place adult cats, who seldom get adopted during kitten season.
⦁    Practice TNR (trap, neuter, return) with feral cat colonies, which means trapping them, having them spayed or neutered and vaccinated, and then returning them to their habitats. The life of a feral cat is pretty dismal, but at least she won’t create more feral cats.
⦁    Adopt a cat, especially an adult one. If you opt for kittens, keep in mind that 2 are better than 1. Not only will they keep each other company, but they will really entertain you.  
One of the best ways to help is to spread the word about the importance of spaying or neutering cats.  You might think having “just 1 litter” isn’t that much of a problem, but if even 1 female cat is left intact, she and her offspring can produce thousands of cats and all of those cats won't be lucky enough to find loving homes. Many will find themselves in kill shelters or worse.

Please contact us if you are interested in fostering

or fill out a

Foster Application

Thank you for making a difference in a pet's life!