Nobody can do everything.....


                              but everyone can do something.'

Who is L.A.P. ??? 

An all volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3)  animal rescue and adoption organization. Many of L.A.P.’s volunteers have been involved in animal rescue, rehab and adoption for several years and we’re always looking for new people that want to lend a hand.
What is Rescue???

Some people think that taking an animal into their home is rescue. It is a start, but not the whole picture.
A safe environment, personal attention, medical care, basic training, grooming and eventual placement in a loving home is what L.A.P.’s definition of rescue includes.
What makes L.A.P. different???

We not only want our adoptive homes to be a great fit for the pet, we also have guidelines for our foster homes. We will not overwhelm any home with too many animals. We want responsible foster homes to nurture these pets that are in transition so we can produce the wonderful animals you deserve.

What can you do to help???

Foster, help at adoption events, lend your special talents, whether it’s dog training, grooming, graphic art, making phone calls, working with computers…just let us know and we’ll have a place for you! If you don’t have time to help, but would like to make a difference, your donations are always welcome! Donations are the way that we can afford to get these babies the medical care they need.
Thank you for anything you can do!


501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization