This is Miracle Rose

This sweet little Shih-Tzu was found abandoned on a hot parking lot.

She seems to have collapsed there. Her fur was so matted, she

couldn't straighten her legs. The mats were woven with twigs, hundreds

of burs and there was even a wire wrapped around her leg.

This is not something that 'happens somewhere else'. This is a dog

that was found in a parking lot in Dallas. Sadly, this happens everywhere!

No animal should suffer the abuse and neglect she has.

The vet said she'd had puppies within the last 6 weeks. No puppies were found in the area where she was rescued. Her pups were probably sold or died and she was just thrown away.
When she was found, she had a terrible infection and had to have emergency surgery. She was underweight and sick and she had trouble stabilizing her body temp so he was kept in an incubator.
After surgery, haircut and lots of TLC at the hospital...She looks amazing!

It wasn't long before she blossomed and was placed in a wonderful, loving forever home.

    POST OP-MIRACLE ROSE                        A FEW WEEKS LATER                          A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE